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"Pesniary" (Belarus)

Vocal Instrumental Ensemble Pesniary are the pioneers of Soviet folk-rock and one of the most popular bands in the country. The songs by Pesniary have represented the music culture of Belarus for many years.

The group was established in the mid-70s and initially was called Liavony. In 1969 new people joined the band, which at that time consisted of V. Muliavin (guitar, vocal), L. Tyshko (bass), V. Misevich (saxophone, flute, vocal), V. Yakshin (keyboards, lyre). These new people were Vladimir Muliavins younger brother Valery (guitar, trumpet), A. Demeshko (drums) and L. Bortkevich. This was the time when the name of the band Pesniary was born.

In October, 1970 Pesniary were an enormous success at the 5th All-Union Pop Song Performers Contest in Moscow.

In 1972 they released the first CD, which, within a wink of an eye, gained popularity, especially such songs as Kosil Yas koniushinu, Oi, rano na Ivana, Ty mne vesnoi prisnilas, Rushniki, Alexandrina, etc.

Pesniary are the winners of the festival in Sopot, the 10th World Youth and Students Festival in Berlin. At the end of the 1970s Vladimir Muliavin, the ensembles art director, decided to combine folklore and modern sound. They recorded a song Pesnia o dole based on Belarus traditional songs. The cycle Kurgan was recorded with the help of I. Luchenoks music. The new programs came out with the lyrics of R. Burns, V. Mayakovsky, etc.

In the mid 90s Pesniary recorded a series of CDs Pesniary, Pesnia bez granits, Belovezhskaya puscha, Red Rose, Vologda, Liavonny, Drozdy, Alexandrina, Moi rodny kut, Berezovy sok and Rushniki.

The ensemble was on tours all the time. Only in Vitebsk they gave more than 20 performances, and took part at the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk.

The head of the ensemble, Vladimir Muliavin headed the International jury of the International Pop Song Performers Contest Vitebsk-1992, and was a jury member of the same contests in the following years. One of the festivals saw the 25th anniversary concert Pesniaram-25

However times takes heroes The music of the band is alive, because folk songs are to live forever.

A Belarusian singer Vladimir Ovcharov, was awarded a special Vladimir Muliavin award for the best embodiment of the national theme, and high performance skills at the 12th International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk.

Within the 13th International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk a presentation titled Creative heritage of Vladimir Muliavin, a national artist of the USSR was held.


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