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Water-colors from Journeys is the name of the personal exhibition of Maximilian Presniakov, which takes place within the framework of the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk in a display hall of the country estate of I. Repin in Zdravniovo. Some displays can be seen in the Music Lounge. On July, 6, the presentation of the exhibition of the young artist was held there.

Maximilian Presniakov has exhibited in the city on the Dvina River not for the first time already. In 1997 Vitebsk residents were able to see the works of their fellow countryman.

Maximilian Presniakov had lived and studied in Vitebsk for ten years, he studied in music school, was included into the first enrolment of the first children art school. Later he has moved to Kazan together with his parents.

By the present the artist has held 18 personal exhibitions, taken part at 104 expositions of different countries all over the world (Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, and the Netherlands). A lot of his works were bought for private collections.

However, Maximilian Presniakovs interests are not limited with painting only. He is the author of pieces of music, which accompany his exhibitions. And there are good reasons why it is so.

Unusual sound of these melodies drives the visitors away from todays problems to the deep past of centuries. To the times when the Slavs were living in harmony with nature when pagan gods ruled the world. The theme of the Slav spirituality can not become old, and irrelevant. The Slav cycle of Maximilian is getting larger and larger from year to year. There have been over 300 works in it (oil painting, water-colour, mixed techniques, tempera) by now.

Paintings devoted to Egyptian and Antique mythology (Life Tree cycle) are also related to the great antiquity. A lot of subjects of those times have been used for illustrations of books, published in Moscow and Ryazan.

Other works of diversified arts of Maximilian are also represented in Vitebsk. Drafts on a stage performance and settings (Four Circles of the Sun Wheel) are a good example.

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